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VIVO for beginners – Bootcamp at ELAG 2014 June 10 - Bath, UK

VIVO for beginners – running a local VIVO installation and importing research information data: VIVO is an open source! tool based on linked open data concepts for connecting and publishing all research information within and across institutions. The hands-on bootcamp will focus on getting your own local VIVO installation up and running, and transforming and ingesting some real data, resulting in a working presentable system. Read more at

Expected time slot:

6 hours


People who are interested in or will be responsible for setting up and administering a local VIVO installation with local research information data


  • Basic UNIX/Linux/Windows system administration helpful, but not required
  • Basic knowledge of Linked Data concepts, ontologies, RDF, metadata, research information
  • Programming experience: Not required, but some basic knowledge and experience is always helpful


First Steps

  • Installing, configuring and running VIVO 1.6 on Linux
  • Installing and running Karma open source data manipulation tool on Linux, Windows

Bringing VIVO to life

  • Mapping research data (people, organisations, publications, projects, etc.) to the VIVO supported ontologies using Karma. The goal is to provide a valuable guide to best practices in modeling RDF data by utilizing the Karma data integration tool.
  • We will provide sample test data files, but participants are encouraged to bring their own local data. Type and format descriptions will be provided in advance.
  • Creating a local ontology! to accommodate for unique identifiers for people and organizations, necessary for modeling the data.
  • Importing the transformed RDF into VIVO


  • Extending the VIVO core ontology for local requirements: best practices and tools.
  • Customizing the VIVO template


VIVO ( is an open source, open ontology, open process platform for hosting information about the interests, activities and accomplishments of scientists and scholars. VIVO supports open development and integration of science and scholarship through simple, standard semantic web! technologies. VIVO was originally funded by Cornell University and the National Institutes of Health (U24 RR029822) and is currently a community-supported incubator project under the DuraSpace umbrella.