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An open source! community development project for VIVO can be found on  The links to the current release are found here. Pevious releases can be found at the SourceForge project.

VIVO Application Source

VIVO can be installed from source by downloading either a zip or tar.gz file and deploying it to your web server for production use. Please follow the Installation Documentation for the version you download.

File Name Version Size Date



1.7  161.2 MB Jun-27-2014




1.7  157.9 MB Jun-27-2014

* VIVO-funded institutions, please see directions for VIVO analytics tracking.

VIVO Virtual Appliance

VIVO can also be installed as a virtual appliance into Oracle VIrtualBox or VMWare, which are virtualization products for enterprise or personal use. The virtual appliance enables easy installation of VIVO on a Windows, Mac or Linux desktop in approximately 30 minutes for evaluation and testing purposes.  See the Installation Documentation for help installing the virtual appliance.

File Version Size Date




1.4.1 2.1 GB 05-15-2012

* The Enterprise virtual appliance should only be deployed in a production environment if you are well versed in Linux administration. All usernames and passwords are preset and shared in the publicly-avaliable documentation. Therefore, the system would need to be properly secured.

VIVO Ontology

For those who wish to review the ontology, we provide the following OWL file, which can be loaded into common ontology editors such as Protégé.  Descriptive materials and documentation for the ontology can be found on the VIVO Duraspace wiki. NOTE that VIVO 1.7 continues to use the vivo-isf-public-1.6.owl ontology.

File Version Size Date


1.6 746 KB 12-17-2013

VIVO Tools

Several tools have been developed for working with VIVO data, principally to facilitate data ingest and updating or to streamline re-use of data from VIVO in other applications. Most of these tools are available in the VIVO SVN repository. For more information, please see the current list of tools on the VIVO SourceForge site.